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Show way-finding capabilities in indoor structure and dramatically increase user satisfaction and engagement.
Help users to

Navigate a store to find the right aisle or department

Quickly navigate complex buildings

Avoid long waiting time and crowded areas

Save time finding a location or object

Create a safer environment

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing has the power to transform the customer experience, increase brand affinity, and drive sales uplift. Early adopters are seeing remarkable results and generating highly valuable learnings that they are using to optimize future campaigns.
Help users to

Receive relevant and timely coupons

Be more informed of product comparisons or offers

Save time and be more satisfied


Nearby Social Network

Nearby Radar enables multiple users and object locations to be managed and visualized on a map; you can always see who's currently in your vicinity and decide to meet up spontaneously.
Help users to

Connect friends in the same venue

Find their 'buddy' or co-worker

Track people and keep safe

Chats, dates, or acquaintances

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